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Sara Tavasolian
November 14, 2010

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italy 2005


Source: Art+Commerce


Reality meets fairytale.

Say what you want about fashion; just don’t forget the dark side of it all. We all know how much plastic surgery has become the daily talk of every up-to-date individual out there. When you hear grandmas and preteens talk about breast implants or lipo, you’ll know this trend is irreversible. We can’t put on the TV or look inside a magazine without wondering how much work has gone under for these beautiful girls to look extraordinary. Not to worry, Photoshop and an army of magicians are orchestrating this whole charade. Of course there are those who firmly stand against this social trend, but you know there are only few of you left, and temptations are all around.

When I first saw these pictures by Steven Meisel, I have to admit, I was terrified and shocked. (Steven, message received) These were some disturbing editorial images when you put the “creative” aspect of it aside. There aren’t many photographers who are willing to forefront real issues into their work for obvious reasons, but Steven Meisel always touches borderline controversy with his editorials. On some level it seems like this subject is being glamorized while criticizing it at the same time. However, with these images the concept of natural beauty has been entirely wiped out to clearly reflect on the enormity of this new trend. Once again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and as for me, I believe in moderation.


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